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Rebuilding racket on chez scheme (experience report)

We rebuilt Racket on Chez Scheme, and it works well—as long as we're allowed a few... (more)

Compiling with continuations, or without? whatever.

What makes a good compiler IR? In the context of functional languages, there has been an extensive debate on the advantages and disadvantages of... (more)

Lambda calculus with algebraic simplification for reduction parallelization by equational reasoning

Parallel reduction is a major component of parallel programming and widely used for summarization... (more)

Fairness in responsive parallelism

Research on parallel computing has historically revolved around compute-intensive applications drawn from traditional areas such as high-performance computing. With the growing availability and usage of multicore chips, applications of parallel computing now include interactive parallel applications that mix compute-intensive tasks with... (more)

Narcissus: correct-by-construction derivation of decoders and encoders from binary formats

It is a neat result from functional programming that libraries of parser combinators can support rapid construction of decoders for quite a range of... (more)

Closure conversion is safe for space

We formally prove that closure conversion with flat environments for CPS lambda calculus is correct (preserves semantics) and safe for time and space, meaning that produced code preserves the time and space required for the execution of the source program. We give a cost model to pre- and post-closure-conversion code by formalizing profiling... (more)

Linear capabilities for fully abstract compilation of separation-logic-verified code

Separation logic is a powerful program logic for the static modular verification of imperative programs. However, dynamic checking of separation logic... (more)

The next 700 compiler correctness theorems (functional pearl)

Compiler correctness is an old problem, with results stretching back beyond the last half-century. Founding the field, John McCarthy and James Painter... (more)

Equations reloaded: high-level dependently-typed functional programming and proving in Coq

Equations is a plugin for the Coq proof assistant which provides a notation for defining programs by dependent pattern-matching and structural or... (more)



Proceedings of the ACM on Programming Languages (PACMPL) is a Gold Open Access journal publishing research on all aspects of programming languages, from design to implementation and from mathematical formalisms to empirical studies. Each issue of the journal is devoted to a particular subject area within programming languages and will be announced through publicized Calls for Papers. All accepted papers receive two rounds of reviewing and authors can expect initial decisions regarding submissions in under 3 months. The journal operates in close collaboration with the Special Interest Group on Programming Languages (SIGPLAN) and is committed to making high-quality peer-reviewed scientific research in programming languages free of restrictions on both access and use.

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